Paris AYM training 🙌🏽🇫🇷🙏🏼

August 14, 2018

Today ends another Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training marathon + 2 professionalisation days in Paris. And I can tell you I am very familiar to this feeling. A feeling of exhaustion expressed in joy. A feeling I have whenever I accomplish something that will express a better version of myself. It is out of sweat and a lot of hard work that reward comes.

And it really comes!

Our smiles translates the good moments passed together with such amazing group under the supervision of a Great Master. I find so much pleasure in refining my skills in order to deliver the absolute excellence of this treatment. Which for me, is a beautiful and auspicious transformation in the being. It teaches me that my limits can always be pushed higher and higher regardless of all conditions.


It is what I rely on. To always keep up. To always be positive. To always allow the plans of the universe be revealed to me as I watch it's revelation.

Thank you, my Master.
Thank you, friends.
I am forever a student, and a friend.




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Teyata Om bekanze bekanze maha bekanze bekanze radza samut gate soha