Brazilian Winds

January 4, 2018

Strong winds blows me back to where I came from. After almost all year traveling between Asia and Europe it was finally time to return to Brazil. I arrived before Christmas, and just in time to celebrate this moment with a familiar and comforting surrounding.


It truly feels good to be back again. This time with a wiser perspective somehow. I decide to look at the positive sides of things only, regardless of how challenging it may be. This attitude allows me to feel much more grateful for the things I have achieved so far, rather than looking at what I am still missing.


Today is the start of a new beginning. To trust the unknown is very liberating and inspiring. Whatever there is for me in the Universe, may it come my way, whenever and in whichever way.


However, I have already been given so much that to contemplate and appreciate the abundance of blessings coming from all unexpected directions is my true joy.


Om Shanti Om




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Teyata Om bekanze bekanze maha bekanze bekanze radza samut gate soha