Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 🙌🏽

July 1, 2017

Before I came to Malaysia I already had the feeling I was about to enter a much deeper level of knowledge of touch and massage techniques. Today was the first day of my Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Course with the great teacher Ananta, and I astonished with all the love and passion that is coming from him.

I feel blessed, once again, to reconfirm that my inner voice was since the beginning leading me to the path where I really should be going. To trust this voice is a choice I make with my full heart. Not because I have no other option, but mainly because, deep into my core of my being, it is the right thing to do.

I feel that the more I am synchronized with my own truth, the more certain I become about my life purpose. I no longer resist to the happenings of life. I just close my eyes and let the universe suck me in, to wherever it may. This way, I become the universe and my whole world is complete.

I take this chance to thank, once again, my parents who have given me the honor to experience life in a human body. To thank my friends who have stood for me with support. And to thank all the obstacles that seem to be a burden when, in fact, it is all part of a learning process.

I am gratitude.


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Teyata Om bekanze bekanze maha bekanze bekanze radza samut gate soha