First German customers

I am living in Germany for the summer and I wanted to make my massage services available for men and women with body pain. My first customers was a gay couple living in Cologne. I don't mind traveling for my customers, the train service in Europe is very efficient. The first time I never charge travel costs, so they were excited with the credibility. At first they were concerned about their weight, but then i explained that to gain relaxation it is not necessary to be fit, and everyone is worthy of it, with no discrimination of race or looks etc. During the massage I could note that their breathing pattern changed from short and rapid to much lighter and deeper, which gave me clue that relaxation was taking place. After the massage they were very pleased, happy and satisfied with the service. That made me feel that the job was done efficiently. I gave my all in those hours.

Not even one week has passed and they already contacted me again :-) Thanks for the appreciation.

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