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Before I came to Malaysia I already had the feeling I was about to enter a much deeper level of knowledge of touch and massage techniques. Today was the first day of my Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Course with the great teacher Ananta, and I astonished with all the love and passion that is coming from him.

I feel blessed, once again, to reconfirm that my inner voice was since the beginning leading me to the path where I really should be going. To trust this voice is a choice I make with my full heart. Not because I have no other option, but mainly because, deep into my core of my being, it is the right thing to do.

I feel that the more I am synchronized with my own truth, the more certain I become about my life purpose. I no longer resi...


This week I went to the office here in Bangkok to collect the business card I designed myself for my own brand. I am very happy with the result, It came out better than what I expected.

I created this business card mainly to give it away on my 17 European Summer season to those interested in massage services and those who want to recommend me to a friend.

I am ready! 


The day I left Thailand, on the 20th of April of 2016, I told myself I need to come back. I didn't know exactly when, but I new it was already calling me hello. One year have gone by and here I am back again. It feels like I have never left.

I mainly decided to come back to Thailand because I really love this country, but also to learn more meditation and practice more massage at WatPo.

For the moment being, I have been practicing Tradicional Thai Massage. Meeting all the teachers from last year was a exciting moment for both me and them. It feels good to know you are remembered and welcomed back with a genuine smile. The thai senso of humor hasn't changed, which makes me always laugh too. It is much easier to learn and practice w...


I am living in Germany for the summer and I wanted to make my massage services available for men and women with body pain. My first customers was a gay couple living in Cologne. I don't mind traveling for my customers, the train service in Europe is very efficient. The first time I never charge travel costs, so they were excited with the credibility. At first they were concerned about their weight, but then i explained that to gain relaxation it is not necessary to be fit, and everyone is worthy of it, with no discrimination of race or looks etc. During the massage I could note that their breathing pattern changed from short and rapid to much lighter and deeper, which gave me clue that relaxation was taking place. After the mass...

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