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Há muito tempo eu tive um sonho.

Um sonho tão antigo que quase me esqueci.

Eu sou muito grato por tudo.

Tudo que eu peço, eu recebo.

Eu devo ser um filho muito querido.

Obrigado por tornar meus sonhos realidade.


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No final de abril, eu embarquei em outra experiência ao me inscrever no treinamento de terapia corporal ThaiVedic nível 1. Desta vez, em uma pequena ilha paradisíaca em Ko Phangan, no sul da Tailândia.

Evoluir e expandir meu conhecimento é realmente uma grande alegria. Até porque esse conhecimento não é só para mim, mas sim para aumentar cada vez mais as habilidades que tenho ao compartilhar com você e com o mundo. Especialmente quando o assunto em questão é terapia corporal e suas possíveis formas de cura. E você é o que mais irá se beneficiar de todo meu aprendizado de uma maneira muito direta.

Eu me apaixonei pela terapia corporal e pelo poder transformador do toque quando eu mesmo precisei de cura. É realmente esplendoroso...


I have always heard about Fall, and that it's such a beautiful time of the year. Mainly because of all the different colours you see.

After a busy European summer it's quite nice to take a break and slow down for a moment at the Catskill Mountains, upstate NY. Part of my daily routine is to practice Yoga and meditation as I watch silently from the balcony the leaves changing colours.ter a busy European summer it's quite nice to take a break and slow down for a moment at the Catskill Mountains, upstate NY. Part of my daily routine is to practice Yoga and meditation as I watch silently from the balcony the leaves changing colours.

Everyday it is a new picture.

Everyday it is a new picture.Everyday it is a new picture.

It is a gift to...


Eventually the European Summer 2018 came to an end. The Nomad Massuer visited cities likes Cologne, Aachen, Essen, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Sitges, Barcelona, Zürich and Luzern. Once again, it was a beautiful summer full of promisses, old and new friends, lots of work and new opportunities. It seems like the work really starts speaking for itself. And I am very excited.

It actually works!

They say that every good thing comes to an end. Well, if this is true, at least I had to make sure I made the most of it. By asking my intuition where should I spend my last week in Europe, the answer came immediately.

Paris, la ville lumière!

Thinking I would have a few days off, a new opportunity came along. An invitation to participate in a Y...


As an International Wellness Specialist it's always a joy to bring my knowledge to many different places with no expectations whatsoever, but this joy definitely gets sweeter when there is so much appreciation for what I do.

And all I can say is that YOU are the reason for this being a success.

You open your door to me.
You believe in the effectiveness my work.
You follow my instructions passively and fearlessly.
You take everything which with care I have to give.

I leave Switzerland with a great feeling and a huge appreciation for all the healing achieved, for all the lucky ones who love to be spoiled by someone who knows what he is doing and more importantly does it out of love.

João Patrocinio

#international #wellness #spec...


Caminhante, são suas pegadas
O caminho e nada mais;
Caminhante, não há caminho,
Se faz caminho ao andar.
Ao andar se faz o caminho,
E ao voltar a vista atrás
Se vê o caminho que nunca
Ele tem que voltar a pisar.
Caminhante não há caminho
Mas sim rastos no mar.


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How lovely of Brussels to welcome me with a carpet full of flowers

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Today ends another Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training marathon + 2 professionalisation days in Paris. And I can tell you I am very familiar to this feeling. A feeling of exhaustion expressed in joy. A feeling I have whenever I accomplish something that will express a better version of myself. It is out of sweat and a lot of hard work that reward comes.

And it really comes!

Our smiles translates the good moments passed together with such amazing group under the supervision of a Great Master. I find so much pleasure in refining my skills in order to deliver the absolute excellence of this treatment. Which for me, is a beautiful and auspicious transformation in the being. It teaches me that my limits can always be pushed higher and...


When we see things from a different perspective we see things for what they really are 🔭🌿

Quando vemos as coisas por uma perspectiva diferente nós vemos as coisas pelo que realmente são 🔭🌿

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Since I was little I was very curious. And I remember my curiosity being always way bigger than my fears. I never felt alone! Instead, I felt such great enthusiasm to discover the unknown. And that has been my fuel all my life. 

It's when I throw myself out of my comfort zone that fear and doubt come into the field of mind. But a fierceful wisdom ignites when you really accept uncentainty and that you are not in control of the events around you. In this moment fear and doubt fade away into ashes and an enormous space for adventure, freedom and creativety takes place.

Today I complete my second week in a new country I had never been before. New air I breath in. From unkown people there's welcoming. Untried flavours I taste. Not a...


Since I learned my massage skills some years ago, there has always been someone whom I could never accept any payment from. In fact, I have already been given much more then I could ever deserve. And all of it was done simply out of Love. Of such quality that words could never convey the meaning of.

And every time I give this massage I get a little bit emotional. Not because I am too sensitive. But because a tremendous amount of gratitude invades entirely my being and drawns me overflowing my heart from inside out.

I, then, wonder, and come to the conclusion, that I am trully the lucky one.

To be born out of so much love.

To be taught lessons by it.

To be encouraged by it.

To be nurtured by it.

To be forgiven by it.

To be inspired by it...


We never know the plans a d games of the universe. In one moment you're up, and then another moment you're down. Sometimes so down that you never can think to come up again. Until suddenly something happens in your life and everything lifts up.

Sometimes you are where you are and everything takes place. As if destiny. With no expectation whatsoever. A flower blooms. A chance is given. A hope arises.

All I can say it is really auspicious to witness all these changes from a place which is not changing. To be part of what makes life possible became a ball of fire. A fire of joy. A endless joy. Happier than happiness. Vaster than the universe.

Jornal Folha de Búzios  


Strong winds blows me back to where I came from. After almost all year traveling between Asia and Europe it was finally time to return to Brazil. I arrived before Christmas, and just in time to celebrate this moment with a familiar and comforting surrounding.

It truly feels good to be back again. This time with a wiser perspective somehow. I decide to look at the positive sides of things only, regardless of how challenging it may be. This attitude allows me to feel much more grateful for the things I have achieved so far, rather than looking at what I am still missing.

Today is the start of a new beginning. To trust the unknown is very liberating and inspiring. Whatever t...


Suddenly I am so enthusiastic. Enthusiastic for being an instrument of peace and serenity.

This Ayurvedic Yoga massage is so powerful that it overwhelms me only to know what I am capable to transmit. Nothing compares to when we are aware of our inner power. And when this is reflected on the other's well being and state of spirit, a rush of immense joy and love overflows my heart.

The work and its appreciation will come in abundance with time. Its a fact! I am so certain of it like blue is the sky. Meanwhile, I focus myself on the present moment, to observe the miracles that the universe operates every single day.

You are so kind to me. We are nearer than ever. I close my eyes, I breath in. Here I am. Here we are.

Pure vast Conscious...


It was quite a long flight from Malaysia to Germany. I landed in Düsseldorf quite tired, though yet very excited to be back in Europe. In Germany I will be passing via Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin, where I possibly might join the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage course as a volunteer with my teacher Ananta. Later I will follow to Amsterdam, Sitges, Paris, Zurich and more.

Already yesterday I had the pleasure to start my European Season by giving a massage treatment to a very friendly and kind guy called Bernd. His right shoulder was a little bit sore and fatigue from moaning the grass on the weekend and he needed some hard stimulation to heal quickly. It is always nice to hear his feedback and see how fast he can heal.

Like Bern, you t...

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